Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to Treat Dress Always Looks So New

Dull and faded clothing color, or material which is elastic so the reason why we have to buy new clothes. There's nothing wrong and I think legally-valid wherever you buy new clothes as they please if it possible financial condition. But if the reverse? You minimal in finance?

how to treat clothes
It is time for work around this by treating your clothes always look as good as possible so that new or at least not easily dull.

Actually there are several factors that can cause color shirt / dress you fade or become elastic fabric, for example, among others because of an error or when save wash clothes. This is what often happens and we sometimes do not realize that these things bad impact on our clothes.

Then, how a true treat your clothes always look new? Here it is some trick:

Do not be too often washed

Maybe for you this is the type who always change clothes clean more than twice in one day, even if you've used clean clothes for 3-5 hours only. If so, get used to not directly wash new clothes worn for a few hours and did not hit the dirt or dried. Simply hang and wind-wind just your shirt because too often wash your clothes will speed up the damage.

Avoid wearing cheap detergent

Currently, a wide range of cheap detergent circulating in the market, and by wearing a cheap detergent indeed make your monthly expenses to be more frugal. But did you know that using cheap detergent will make your clothes more quickly fading. Or you dapay the traditional way, using 2 tablespoons of vinegar mixed with water to soak the clothes for 10-15 minutes.

Separate dry

If you wash clothes, get used to separate dry into 4 types:

    white dress
    dark colored clothing (black, dark blue, dark brown)
    light-colored clothing (pink, yellow red tide)
    soft-fueled clothes should be washed by hand as underwear, clothing fueled silk and so on.

Use MSG to remove stains

If you are going to wash the stain affected as confidential removed blood stains, oils, drinks and food, try to soak your clothes in a bucket of water that has been spiked with MSG or vitsin SENDO, you rub after the new normal.

Do not rely on the dryer

Though it easier for you in the wash, it helps you occasionally leave the tumble dryer and drying your clothes so color does not fade clothing.

Practice some tips on it and I guarantee your clothes will be more durable than matte, elastic and color fading.